Pigeon Man

We are working on a new game… The Pigeon Man is a magical realist, illustrative game for the Oculus Rift. The main objective of this project is to apply 3D and Virtual Reality in a game project in a functional way.

The gameplay focuses on dialogues between different characters and the experience of spaces. Each chapter of the game begins with a conversation. The player can control the conversations, by moving the head or looking another way. The main focus is the journey, not the destination. After each conversation, the player gets to see a memory, one that helps to build the story. All 3D spaces are digitally hand-painted and can always be revisited after playing the game.


•  Look and shake” adventure game.
•  Interact with weird and wonderful characters
•  The interaction changes per character.
•  Facial and mocap animations.
•  The environment is handpainted on top of 3D geometry allowing for a staggering amount of detail.
•  A spatial audio system allows the visitor to experience true 3D sound.
•  Original soundtrack by musician Misha Velthuis.
•  An original story.
•   Functional use of the Oculus Rift.