Guys Night

We have been working on a short horror/comedy film by Bardo Ellens, one of the most famous YouTube Vloggers in The Netherlands. Enjoyed creating synth based music and over-the-top sound effects!

As the apocalypse arrives and hungry zombies are all around the neighbourhood, Bardo’s guys night is rudely interrupted. Is there among all the horror still room for some romance, as Bardo just appears to be… in love with the girlfriend of his best friend.

With over 80 million video views in four years, Bardo Ellens is one of the most famous YouTubers in The Netherlands. In a series of eight weekly episodes, viewers followed Bardo making his first major short film. The film was premiered on December 22, 2014 at EYE, during MovieZone Talent Day.

Bardo Ellens • Thomas Smagge • Dylan Haegens • Lisa Smit • Arie Koomen • Tony ‘sterretje’ Star

Ivan Lopez Nunez (story, director) • NewBeTV (producer) • Nineyards Audio (music, sounddesign)


Watch ‘Guys Night’ in our portfolio section.