Documentary ‘Niet Op Meisjes’ in Studio/K

The documentary “Niet op Meisjes” will premiere on October 7 at Studio/K. Doppler made music and sound design for this movie. Interesting? You can go there!

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Straight With You is a documentary about eleven-year-old Melvin, who has a secret: he is not into girls. Although his family knows, he’s afraid to tell his schoolmates, as he thinks they might start bullying him. What should he do when the coolest girl in his class sends him a love letter?

Both openly and intimately the film portrays the world of a child who knows he’s homosexual at a very young age. The film asks questions that apply to everybody: What does it mean to be different? What is it like to have a secret? And how do you really know who you are?

A confrontational though cheerful coming-of-age story.

Length: 19 minutes.

Director & Research: Daan Bol
Camera: Wilko van Oosterhout
Producer: Randy Vermeulen
Sound: Stephan Wolven
Editor: Luuk van Stegeren
Music: Rex Adriaansz & Joeri de Graaf
Sound Design: Max Sombroek
Title design: Peter Stekelenburg & Paul van de Kant (Studio Moan)