Trailer for the game ‘Cargo Commander’. Serious Brew is an independent game company that makes downloadeble games. We made them a sound logo.

website Cargo Commander
game developper Serious Brew
music Misha Velthuis / Nineyards


Teaser film of the brick breaker game Caromble. Nineyards created all of the sound effects and music for this upcoming game (it’s currently for sale on Steam as an ‘early access’ game).

game developper Crimson Owl Studio
music & sound design Nineyards


After many hours of composing and creating sound effects it’s finally here: Caromble! is a fresh brick-breaking game in a 3D, physics-based dystopic world with an unique art-style and epic gameplay features you wouldn’t expect in a brick breaker. (more…)

The soundtrack we’ve made for Cargo Commander is still streaming on our Bandcamp site. (more…)

How was this soundtrack recorded? Listen or buy the soundtrack on bandcamp and watch the promo video.   (more…)