Fiction film, 45 minutes. A romantic tragicomedy about courage and love at first sight. Watch the whole film at NPO uitzending gemist.

director Eva M.C. Zanen
writers Matthijs Bockting / Eva M.C. Zanen
producer PRPL
cinematography Pieter Colombijn
sound design Luuk Hoogstraten
music Nineyards


Short fiction film. Absurdistic comedy about a boy who stumbles upon a group of people who are waiting for an ever-lasting red traffic light and refuse to let him pass.

director Lucas Camps 
music Nineyards
diatonic harmonica Remco Sietsema


Fiction film, 27 minutes. In a comedic drama that feels like a sixties musical The Housewife, The Salesman, The Widower and many others make a synchronized attempt to be happy, or at least, to appear happy.

director Eva M.C. Zanen
writer Matthijs Bockting
producer Merel Six / Sylvie van der Loop
cinematography Pieter Colombijn
sound design Luuk Hoogstraten
music Nineyards


Fiction film, 16 minutes.
With over 80 million video views in four years, Bardo Ellens is one of the most famous YouTubers in The Netherlands. In a series of eight weekly episodes, viewers followed Bardo making his first major short film. The film was premiered on December 22, 2014 at EYE, during MovieZone Talent Day.

director Bardo Ellens / Iván López Núñez
producer NewBeTV
music & sound design Nineyards


We have been working on a short horror/comedy film by Bardo Ellens, one of the most famous YouTube Vloggers in The Netherlands. Enjoyed creating synth based music and over-the-top sound effects! (more…)

Fiction film, 17 minutes. Thriller. Vince has enough of his criminal life and decided to make place for his younger brother Roy. But that’s easier said than done: their boss does not see Roy as a successor. Besides Vince, like his father, once swore an oath of allegiance. An oath that can’t be broken.

director Marnix van Wijk
producer Brimstone Films
music & sound design Nineyards


Fiction film, 3 minutes. A little boy is home alone on Christmas Night, brooding on a plan to get his mother back home.

director Wisse Stolk
director of photography Thomas van der Gronde
producer KlaasFilm
music & sound design Nineyards


Met Excuses voor het Ongemak is coming very very soon! Watch the trailer here.

We’re working on a new short called ‘Belofte Maakt Schuld’ (Broken Promises). (more…)

Documentary film, 19 minutes. ‘Niet Op Meisjes’ (Straight With You) is a documentary about eleven-year-old Melvin, who has a secret: he is not into girls. Although his family knows, he’s afraid to tell his schoolmates, as he thinks they might start bullying him. What should he do when the coolest girl in his class sends him a love letter?

director Daan Bol
producer Randy Vermeulen
music & sound design Nineyards


Documentary film, 25 minutes. La piel donde vivo (The skin in which I live) tells the story of a 29-year-old Dutchman, Jeroen Lans, who was adopted from Guatemala when he was two years old, and plans to remigrate back home.

director Daniel Valle Robles
music Nineyards


Fiction film, 53 minutes. Thriller. Following a horrific sexual assault she experienced in a public park, the young actress Anne decides to stop acting and remove herself completely from any publicity. Her best friend takes her along on an expedition trip into the Slovenian mountains far away from the inhabited world. She hopes that the mountain air would do Anne good and that she will be able to get away from all of her sorrows.

director Hugo Konings
music & sound design Nineyards


The documentary “Niet op Meisjes” will premiere on October 7 at Studio/K. Doppler made music and sound design for this movie. Interesting? You can go there! (more…)

A short 3D animation about a little girl dreaming of her stuffed animal.

3D animation Kiki Goené
music, sound design & dialogue recording Nineyards