Showreel with selected animations made by Creative Beards last year.

video Creative Beards
music Nineyards


Brand video for WeMarket, a new platform for retailers from the developers of WeTransfer.

client WeMarket
video Snitt
music & sound design Nineyards
saxophones Thijs van Milligen
drums Joeri de Jong


Live action video with an animation layer for the tourism department of Utrecht.

video Creative Beards / Jefta Varwijk Design
music & sound design Nineyards
drums Joeri de Jong 


Commercial for ‘Pure Energie’, a Dutch energy supplier focussing solely on renewable energy.

video Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards


An Animated invite for the Illuminesca Event from Philips Lighting at the Dutch Design week 2014.

video Studio Eenvoud
music & sound design Nineyards


Commercial film for a Dutch surfboard crafter. Tune in and enjoy the summer. Surf’s up!

client Surfing Wood
video Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards


Commercial film for the Amsterdam Economic Board. The AEB stimulates innovation and collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutes and government organizations.

client Amsterdam Economic Board
animation Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards


Teaser for the Netherlands Film Academy (NFA) graduation festival 2013.

director Eva M.C. Zanen
writers Matthijs Bockting / Eva M.C. Zanen
producer Nederlands Filmacademie
sound design Luuk Hoogstraten
music Nineyards


Animation film explaining the innovative and sustainable way the University of Utrecht uses water to heat and cool it’s facilities.

client Universiteit Utrecht
animation Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards


Commercial film for Gofilex, an international digital distributor for films.

client Gofilex
animation DaanDirk
music & sound design Nineyards


Two animation films explaining the work of ‘de Groene Grachten’. Featuring the voice of Holland’s first astronaut Wubbo Ockels!

client De Groene Grachten
animation Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards Audio


Trailer film for the ‘Nederlandse Dansdagen’, a festival highlighting the most important dance productions in the Netherlands of the past season.

client Nederlandse Dansdagen
music Nineyards


Animation film explaining the concept of the ‘House of Logistics’.

animation Creative Beards
design Merel Schenk
music & sound design Nineyards


Animation film explaining the new water and environmental plans for the region Noord Brabant.

animation Creative Beards
music & sound design Nineyards


Animation film explaining how Treant Healthcare operates.

animation Creative Beards
drawings Maarten Wolterink
sound Nineyards


Animation film explaining the governmental structure in the region of Noord Brabant.

animation Creative Beards
music  & sound design: Nineyards


Something different. An animated invite for the Illuminesca Event from Philips Lighting at the Dutch Design week 2014. (more…)

Our own short film! We explain our motto “the whole nineyards” and offer a little insight into our work process. 

production Nineyards
video Pieter Colombijn
animation Creative Beards
voice-over David Vos
double bass Marko Bonarius
drums Ian Rijksen
audio recording Max Sombroek
guitars, piano Rex Adriaansz
guitars, percussion Joeri de Graaf


Stop-motion film explaining the work of ‘Ouders van Waarde’.

video Creative Beards
design Ilse Weisfelt
music & sound design Nineyards


We’ve made some nice epic music for the Netherlands Film Academy graduation festival 2013. (more…)

Animation film explaining the municipal plans in the city of Rotterdam on sustainable energy.

client Rotterdam Climate Initiative
animation Creative Beards
voice over Dave von Raven
sound design Nineyards


We made music and sound design for The Upcycle’s new promo video. They recycle old bikes and left-over materials into new, fashionable products. (more…)

We’ve made a new video for Creative Beards. Tune in and enjoy the summer again. Surf’s up! (more…)

Animation film explaining the the project on Shared Responsibility in International Law (SHARES). SHARES examines how international law allocates responsibilities among multiple states and other actors who cause harm, and provides new perspectives for the sharing of responsibility in areas such as human rights, environmental protection and armed conflict

production Creative Beards
agent Pup Creative Agency
animation De Tierelier
sound design Nineyards
voice over Emma Irving


Video made by Creative Beards. Music & sound design by Doppler.  (more…)

An educational film about the daily inconveniences of Parkinsons disease.

client VUmc Amsterdam
sound design Nineyards


Promotional video for the Upcycle, a company recycling old Dutch bikes into brand new ones.

client The Upcycle
music & sound design Nineyards


Animation film explaining the concept behind Innowater: a company focussing on sustainable water management.

client Innowater
animation Creative Beards
drawings Riebel
edit Grumble Film
sound design  Nineyards