Music for video art, Heineken Pop Up Club (Milano).

visuals Peter Ankoné
music Nineyards


Trailer film for the ‘Nederlandse Dansdagen’, a festival highlighting the most important dance productions in the Netherlands of the past season.

client Nederlandse Dansdagen
music Nineyards


Theatre performance by Winterberg, for children (and grown-ups) from 3 years and older. Coming in the fall of 2017.

concept Tg. Winterberg
puppeteer Marlyn Coetsier
director Job Raaijmakers
story Mark Haayema
producer STIP
music Nineyards


A theater performance by Winterberg, for children (and grown-ups) from 2 years and older.

concept Tg. Winterberg
puppeteer Marlyn Coetsier
director Job Raaijmakers
story Mark Haayema
producer STIP
music Nineyards


Our own short film! We explain our motto “the whole nineyards” and offer a little insight into our work process. 

production Nineyards
video Pieter Colombijn
animation Creative Beards
voice-over David Vos
double bass Marko Bonarius
drums Ian Rijksen
audio recording Max Sombroek
guitars, piano Rex Adriaansz
guitars, percussion Joeri de Graaf


When the new offices of Omroep GLD (a regional broadcasting company) we’re finally completed, Reanimation made a video mapping on their buildings for the official inauguration. Nineyards provided the accompanying sound scape.

client Omroep GLD
video mapping Reanimation
music & sound design Nineyards


Four films that were shown as part of a performace by the Ives Ensemble at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam (2012).

client Ives Ensemble
sound design Nineyards Audio


A short 3D animation about a little girl dreaming of her stuffed animal.

3D animation Kiki Goené
music, sound design & dialogue recording Nineyards