Cargo Commander Reviews

Cargo Commander has been out now for two weeks, and is already being played by an enthusiastic crowd. The game is getting good reviews, in which the audio is being praised as well. We selected some quotes:


“Sounds 10/10. Words cannot describe how amazing the soundtrack for Cargo Commander is. The song titled “Down the Drain” suits the game perfectly, and I think the developers did an amazing job in having that song made.”

“There’s a pleasantly glum acoustic number that plays quietly on the salvage base, an ever-present and reassuring anthem to herald each new day and comfort the ragged return from a cargo run. The sound mixing between interior and exterior is pitch-perfect, with nigh-inaudible leveling enacted as though listening to the world go by from the depths of a swimming pool. This sort of muffled, submerged audio work has been done rather deftly before, but Cargo Commander comes in with the likes of Shattered Horizon and Lost Planet 2′s NEOS level. Simply stunning.”

“Sound 9/10. The soundtrack is full of Dutch bluegrass tunes, a type of music I wasn’t expecting to work with a sci-fi arcade platformer. After giving it a good listen though, I was pleasantly surprised. [..]. The rest of the sound effects are good, too – just as with the visuals, there are fine touches that add to the intensity of the hurry-up-and-loot gameplay.”

“Presentation is something that really cinches it for me here though, especially the sound design. You see the soundtrack of the game is essentially one song, a soulful bit of Dutch bluegrass that’s lyrics speak of isolation and the unknown. [..] It again adds to the loneliness factor and also just gives a good eerie feeling to the dangerous parts of the game.”

“The home-station plays one very lonely, but catchy, song, and players using headsets will benefit because the music can act as a beacon when you are scrambling around in zero-gravity looking for a way to get back to the home-station.”

“Introducing Cargo Commander, a game where you can stand in a scruffy little space ship and press your F key repeatedly to shout “fuck you” in slightly varying tones of voice! Shout “fuck you!” at daytime! Shout it at night-time! Shout it at a wall! Shout it in bed! The more you press the button, the more game points you get. Seriously.”


Curious about the game? Buy it on Steam or check out the Cargo Commander website!