Discover Utrecht

Live action video with animation layer for the tourism department of Utrecht. Discover Utrecht! Read more >

Once Upon a Ladder

After we finished composing, recording and producing the soundtrack for “Once Upon a Ladder”. The film was premiered at Nederlands Film Festival 2016 in Utrecht, and broadcasted on national television Read more >

WeMarket brand video

WeMarket’s brand video. We had a lot of fun recording drums and saxophones for this one. Read more >

Pigeon Man On Air

We’ve been working together with Daniël Ernst and Misha Velthuis since Cargo Commander. Currently we’re making progress for Dear Pigeon Man, here’s a sneak peek for you to enjoy!  Read more >

House of Logistics

For House of Logistics and Creative Beards we’ve made all audio for this beautiful animation about the logistics expert of the future. With a percussive layer of industrial sounds and upbeat guitars, we have converted the drive of the animation into music. Read more >

Music for Theatre

Something different brewed in Nineyards’ kitchen: music for theatre. ‘Sterrenwachter’ is a performance in a tent for everyone from 2 years and up. Read more >


After many hours of composing and creating sound effects it’s finally here: Caromble! is a fresh brick-breaking game in a 3D, physics-based dystopic world with an unique art-style and epic gameplay features you wouldn’t expect in a brick breaker. Read more >


Absurdistic comedy about a boy who stumbles upon a group of people who are waiting for an ever-lasting red traffic light and refuse to let him pass.  Read more >

Utrecht Science Park

In deze animatie leggen we de werking van het Warmte Koude Opslagsyteem Utrecht Science Park op een eenvoudige manier uit. Read more >

Guys Night

We have been working on a short horror/comedy film by Bardo Ellens, one of the most famous YouTube Vloggers in The Netherlands. Enjoyed creating synth based music and over-the-top sound effects! Read more >

Philips Illuminesca 2014

Something different. An animated invite for the Illuminesca Event from Philips Lighting at the Dutch Design week 2014. Read more >

Pigeon Man

We are working on a new game… The Pigeon Man is a magical realist, illustrative game for the Oculus Rift. The main objective of this project is to apply 3D and Virtual Reality in a game project in a functional way. Read more >

Shared Responsibility

Again a nice animation produced by Creative Beards for Universiteit van Amsterdam. It’s about Shared Responsibility in International Law among multiple states. Enjoy! Read more >

Home Sweet Home Webisode

Lately we’ve been working on the audio post production for Dutch webisode Home Sweet Home, a 9-part mini-series starring some of Holland’s finest actors.  Read more >

Collaboration with Creative Beards

We’ve been working together on several projects past months. Here are a couple of them… Read more >

Bumper SchoolTV Weekjournaal

We have created a beat with recorded sounds of scraping chairs, leaves and twigs. We also had to record some guitars… Read more >

Cargo Commander Soundtrack For Sale

The soundtrack we’ve made for Cargo Commander is still streaming on our Bandcamp site. Read more >

Bumper Netherlands Film Academy Graduation Festival 2013

We’ve made some nice epic music for the Netherlands Film Academy graduation festival 2013. Read more >

Met Exuses Voor Het Ongemak Trailer

Met Excuses voor het Ongemak is coming very very soon! Watch the trailer here.

Belofte Maakt Schuld (Broken Promises)

We’re working on a new short called ‘Belofte Maakt Schuld’ (Broken Promises). Read more >

A New Year, A New Name

From 2013 onwards, Doppler Sound will continue it’s productions under a new name: Nineyards Audio.  Read more >

Cargo Commander Soundtrack Promo

How was this soundtrack recorded? Listen or buy the soundtrack on bandcamp and watch the promo video.   Read more >

The Upcycle

We made music and sound design for The Upcycle’s new promo video. They recycle old bikes and left-over materials into new, fashionable products. Read more >

Cargo Commander Reviews

Cargo Commander has been out now for two weeks, and is already being played by an enthusiastic crowd. The game is getting good reviews, in which the audio is being praised as well. We selected some quotes: Read more >

Surfing Wood

We’ve made a new video for Creative Beards. Tune in and enjoy the summer again. Surf’s up! Read more >

Release Cargo Commander november 1st

*check out the new trailer! * With this post we would like to give some insight in the way we designed the audio for the game Cargo Commander. Let’s briefly look at the game’s objective… Read more >

Ouders en Coo

Video made by Creative Beards. Music & sound design by Doppler.  Read more >

Documentary ‘Niet Op Meisjes’ in Studio/K

The documentary “Niet op Meisjes” will premiere on October 7 at Studio/K. Doppler made music and sound design for this movie. Interesting? You can go there! Read more >

EJECT 2012 graduate expo HKU

EJECT 2012 graduate expo HKU. Graduates of the Faculty of Arts, Media & Technology present a surprisingly wide range of innovative graduate work in the fields of games and interaction, animation, music and sound, cross-media productions and documentaries. Read more >