A New Year, A New Name

From 2013 onwards, Doppler Sound will continue it’s productions under a new name: Nineyards Audio. 

Why? First of all, we discovered another company close to us also referenced the shifting of waves’ frequencies between observer and a moving source – the famous Doppler effect – in their name. Secondly, since we offer a total post-production service in audio to our clients (music composition & production, sound design, mixing, etc), we like to provide them with a full package, or, as one might say: the whole nine yards.

We feel that Nineyards audio covers our capabilities even better. Plus, it has a nice ring to it. We hope those of you who already grew attached to our old name will agree.

From all of us at Nineyards we wish you a lot of success with your new projects. We hope to work with you (again) in 2013!