What we do

We design audio for media. Nineyards produces high quality music and sound design for a variety of disciplines, such as film, animation, games and interactive installations. We offer full audio post-production: music composition and production, sound design, foley, ADR, mixing & mastering – the whole nine yards.

All of us at Nineyards are also accomplished musicians, with plenty of performance experience. We feel equally well at ease in the acoustic and analog world, as in the digital domain.

Finally, we compose and record all kind of guitar tracks for other music and sound producers.

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What's new

Guys Night

We have been working on a short horror/comedy film by Bardo Ellens, one of the most famous YouTube Vloggers in The Netherlands. Enjoyed creating synth based music and over-the-top sound effects! Read more ›

Philips Illuminesca 2014

Something different. An Animated invite for the Illuminesca Event from Philips Lighting at the Dutch Design week 2014. Read more ›

Pigeon Man

We are working on a new game… The Pigeon Man is a magical realist, illustrative game for the Oculus Rift. The main objective of this project is to apply 3D and Virtual Reality in a game project in a functional way. Read more ›

Shared Responsibility

Again a nice animation produced by Creative Beards for Universiteit van Amsterdam. It’s about Shared Responsibility in International Law among multiple states. Enjoy! Read more ›

What we've done

Who we are


Joeri de Graaf is a musician with roots in improvised and world music. He is also an experienced composer for theater and live ensembles.


Sound designer Max Sombroek combines recording and creating complete audio landscapes with pouring his heart and soul into playing the blues.


Besides being a musician, producer and composer, Rex Adriaansz is also responsible for Nineyards’ most important Rock ‘n Roll looks.

How we work

Nineyards’ goal is to create music and sound design that complement the media and art of their partners. Instead of developing two separate worlds and layering them afterwards, we strive for the best possible audio synergy from the start of each project. This method ensures that our end product tells a complete and convincing story.

We prefer working with our partners from the early design stage on, when possible. Our best work results from tailor fitting our audio to your project.

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